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Book review: Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler

Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler

Valhalla Rising is an acceptable adventure novel if you’re flying somewhere and you don’t care how it ends before you land. There is nothing egregiously wrong with the book, such as grammar and spelling errors or poor writing. However, it is also a book that depends a lot on stereotype characterizations and remarkably mono-racial protagonists.

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Book review: The Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson

The Pied Piper by Ridley Pearson

I cant remember if I read this before, but I think I did. It seems familiar, but I don’t remember it. But there are moments that seem really familiar, like Ive already read the book before now. I probably have read it before. Welcome to Matt Reviews Books! I am Matt and I am the

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Book review: Roller Skate Skinny by J.L. Michaels

Roller Skate Skinny by J.L. Michaels

This review caused me a bit of consternation. There’re a certain amount of adult situations that are also plot points that could be described as “spoilers.” So, I struggled to figure out how to discuss an intense thriller without ruining the book for other readers. Granted, it’s been out for awhile now, but you might

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Book review: Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

Jim is a custodian at a elder care/psychiatric facility. He lives on premises in a small room. And he plans to commit suicide in great detail. Before he does, however, one of the patients intervenes and takes Jim to the basement where a weird, giant tree exists with a monolith, which is a door to

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Joyful Repetition: a class exercise

Thanksgiving I am cooking I am a kitchen, steamy and hot I am cranberry relish simmering on the stove the night before I am turkey in the oven, basted every thirty minutes I am sweet potatoes smashed with salt, pepper, and a little butter I am my children bickering in the living room I am laughter

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Matt in black and white

Monday four not quite white walls less than black coffee feed the cat radio news every half hour after 6:30 Tuesday four not quite white walls less than black coffee feed the cat radio news every half hour after 6:30 Wednesday four not quite white walls less than black coffee feed the Cat take the trash out to the street Radio

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Neighborhood Poem: a class exercise

A fawn, June 19, 2020

Old GP Road the fawns mom stares at us while we hunt them with our eyes or camera her babies graze without fear of us we be-knight them the freezer meat twins though their spots have yet to fade the river is a boon companion ever present, ever murmuring down here is not the city nor the

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Review: Come Join the Murder by Holly Rae Garcia

Come Join the Murder by Holly Rae Garcia

In Come Join the Murder (ISBN 978-8-6072-9926-2), Holly Rae Garcia has written a tense and suspenseful thriller. It’s not a whodunit in the classic sense; we know who committed the crime. The question becomes if the killer will be caught. The question is also if the protagonist of the story will be okay by the

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