Migrating to Klamath Falls

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T-6 days.

Not sure how consistent I’ll be here. I’m pretty lousy right now as it is when it comes to carving out the time to write everyday, to say nothing of regularly producing book review videos. But hey, this is my house. I’m paying rent to WordPress, so I’m going to give it a go painting the walls.

Next Saturday, I’ll be on the road to Klamath Falls, Oregon. Long story short, I’m following my kids.

Surprisingly, it was far easier to get a job out of state than I had anticipated. Like, scary easy. Maybe I would have tried to get a good job out of state years ago if I’d known. Maybe it’s that I finally have a set of skills desirable to potential employers. Either way, I nailed an IT job that’s worth the headache of a move, even if my kids’ mom wasn’t already planning to leave California.

I can’t say that’s been all positive. I’m personally grieving every day for little tasks that I might not repeat again in California. Or not even little. The last time I go to a staff meeting at my current job, for example. It’s not something people would normally mourn, but it signifies the nearing end of my time there. After five years, it’s the longest period of employment in my life. I’ve worked with some great people and it’s a wonderful workplace environment.

On the other hand, I also have a moment of sorrow when taking out the garbage. I won’t be hauling out the bins to the street after next Saturday.

While I’m at it, I’m also experiencing great loads of anxiety. With a solid side of fear. And the amount of work still left before leaving town is overwhelming. So much to pack.

Concentrating is a bitch, too.


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