The Saga of the Rat Warrior

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Originally published in the April 2019 issue of The Scramasaex, the Shire of Ravenshore’s newsletter

Beneath the dark depths of an ancient keep
A façade near impregnable to all
Toiled the valkyric norvegicus
In mistrusted work by tooth and gall

One by one the sisters crept into
The night, driven by hungry stomaches’ growl
Into the home of the twisted hairless ogre
Laid thick with wicked traps and cruel

One by one those sisters left their home
Never to again pass that way in life
For in that ogre’s lair they found their way
From feline fear and hunger and canine strife

And then one sister took up their failed quest
She ventured forth into that dreadful lair
Unto certain death she gave herself
That sleek and brown and daring rodent fair

Taut with fear she crept, step by step
And then her nose caught wind of an odor fine
That peanut butter scent drew her hence
Into the maw of a trap where she thought to dine

Quick it closed upon the warrior rat
Yet quicker she was who challenged that eldritch tomb
It was not then that Fate should cut her thread
Within a whisker’s breadth she averted her doom

Art by Elizabeth Reed

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