Moving along on the move

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T-2 days.

Apparently, people like fantastical poems about rats. I’m not saying I’m achieving Mr. Beast status with it, but there was some love for the Rat Warrior. Maybe I should write a ballad about a naughty kitty monk and his forbidden love for a river otter.

I might have sold the Honda. Guy is coming over from Lakeport to get it. It sounds like a father buying a car for his college-age kid. It’ll be nice to get that item off the To Do list of moving, as well as have some liquidity for unexpected expenses that I don’t want to put on a credit card. Or a security deposit on an apartment (which I still don’t have yet).

And no, Mickey hasn’t come home, yet. I keep putting out food for him, calling for him, and keeping the porch lights on at night.

Today, I bring in my work shirts from my current job as well as some work-from-home equipment. I’ll also break down the rest of my home office and photo studio. Tonight, I’ll start the packing list. Maybe even start the packing itself.

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