Closing one door

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T-1 day.

To quote my favorite leather-jacketed, baseball bat-wielding antihero, it’s a big day.

Today is my last day at North Coast Brewing Company. I never thought I would work there as long as I have; it was a job when I needed a job. It’s a world class company that makes a world class series of beers with a world class staff. I’m going to miss everyone there.

Hopefully, today I actually get to sell the Honda. It would be nice to have the extra cash in hand for the trip north.I’ll actually hose it down so it looks marginally better without all the acacia pollen.

And no, Mickey still hasn’t come home. I’m still putting out food, still calling for him, and still leaving the porch light on at night. I miss my cat.

On the other hand, I get to pack for the trip. I’m hoping my housing situation will be more permanent by Monday, but in the meanwhile I have reservations for a Motel 6. That’ll get me through the weekend. I’m going to pack the van with the bare necessities in an apartment, including the spare bed and some kitchen basics, just in case I can sleep somewhere that’s more or less mine.

I’ll leave my armor at home for this trip. Probably won’t have the opportunity to find a new fighter practice just yet.

I need to check my road trip music selection. Most of my CDs are already packed, so I might have to check out Amazon music. What’s my choice for a long trip? Flogging Molly, Clutch, Tom Petty, Slipknot, and AC/DC are always in the mix. Usually, I also have Tyr and Heidevolk, but they might already be packed in a box. I might add Imagine Dragons and Aloe Black. And then there’s simply putting Pandora on for as long as I have cell data.

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