Notes from Aug. 13, 2019

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J.D. Salinger’s books, including Catcher in the Rye, will be released in e-book format. Finally. I’m not the biggest Salinger fan, but Catcher in the Rye was a great read in a modestly surreal fashion. For anyone who doesn’t want to invest the physical real estate on their bookshelves to Catcher, but still wants to experience what the fuss is all about, getting it in e-book format will be the ticket.

William Golding’s Lord of the Flies was a tough read for me in high school. I read it again later and I realized how much of a horror story it really is. That being said, I didn’t realize I wanted a Lord of the Flies movie until I read that Luca Guagdagnino was going to direct an upcoming adaptation of Golding’s novel. My expectations are modest, but I really hope the movie hews close to the source material and receives an “R” rating.

Reading about a comic book collector having his collection stolen made me sad. But reading that the self-same collector was part of solving the crime warmed the cockles of my heart.

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