Matthew Reed: Freelance writer and editor
Make no bones about it. This is the official website for Matthew Reed, creator of Matt Reviews Books on YouTube. I'm not a recording artist or football player. I write about Mendocino County, primarily the coast, and I lurk in cyberspace, looking for kitten videos and movie reviews.

In addition to the greatness above, I also write about big ideas, like national trends, politics, digital media, and historical recreation. Aye, even historic historical recreation!

Odds and Ends

Where Matt leaves little notes for website visitors
Mar. 20, 2018. Fort Bragg, California -->> I've got a Patreon page now! Come visit me and, if the spirit moves you, support my work. 

I hope you browse through my site. I do update the galleries and post intermittent reviews of advance reading copies of new books. Some books take me longer to read than others.

I also post the occassional diatribe about current events.

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